Coastal Rehabilitation Womens Center
Restoring the Broken. Rebuilding the Cities.

Women’s 12-18 Month Residential Treatment Program & Transitional Living

About Coastal Rehabilitation Women’s Center

The 7 Springs Ministries Coastal Rehabilitation Women’s Center (CRWC) is a 12-18 month residential rehabilitative program for women suffering from addiction or any other issue that may prevent them from living or functioning properly in our society. Our program provides basic living needs, counseling, group therapy, community support, and 12-step AA/NA recovery programs.

Court Partnerships

We partner with local courts as well as those throughout the Southeastern region to provide rehabilitative programs for individuals involved in the federal justice system who suffer from substance abuse issues. We adhere to all required guidelines of these municipalities for court-ordered residents.

Court-Ordered Residents

Intended to help women live law-abiding, productive lives, our program is flexible enough to comply with versatile court orders. Our commitment to the court is frequent communication, regular and random drug testing, and 24-hour staff supervision.


Residents attend daily classes, weekly corporate meetings, and participate in work therapy. Services provided also include:

  • Case Management
  • Counseling
  • 12-Step AA/NA Recovery Classes
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Job Readiness & Life-Skills Training
  • Job Placement
  • Dance & Art Therapy
Addiction Recovery

24/7 supervision, 12-Step AA/NA and relapse programs, drug testing, and additional interventions are provided.

Life-Skills Training

Women are equipped with skills and resources needed to become productive, contributing members of society.


Trained and experienced counselors are available to help restore hope to women suffering from past trauma.

Restoring Women

to Their Families

We partner with the Alabama Department of Human Resources to help restore children to their mothers.

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