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Coastal Rehabilitation Women's CenterWe will be hosting an official Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for our newest recovery program, the Coastal Rehabilitation Women’s Center (CWRC) in Foley Alabama, on May 14th at 4 p.m. Refreshments and tours of the 11,000 square foot facility will be available.

The 7 Springs Ministries Coastal Rehabilitation Women’s Center (CRWC) is a 12-18 month residential rehabilitative program for women suffering from addiction or any other issue that may prevent them from living or functioning properly in our society. Our program provides basic living needs, counseling, group therapy, community support, and 12-step AA/NA recovery programs. Intended to help women live law-abiding, productive lives, our program is flexible enough to comply with versatile court orders.

Located in Uptown Foley near the Foley Fire Department, the first resident was accepted in February 2019. Fourty-one women are currently receiving residential recovery through CWRC with 5 more openings available.

More information along with an online application for those interested in applying to the new women’s program are available on our website on our CWRC webpage. Information can also be found on the 7 Springs Ministries Facebook and Instagram pages.


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