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Dominic had a good childhood and grew up with uncles and grandparents who were very involved in his life. But when his grandmother passed, the family started to fall apart. His father had never been in the picture, and his mom was more interested in doing drugs than being a parent.

At the age of 9, Dominic got into an altercation with his stepdad, and his mom told him to get out. “I had to leave, so I took off walking,” he said.

Years later, Dominic started doing drugs himself and got mixed up with the wrong crowd. His lifestyle eventually led to homelessness.

“There was a guy who told me about a church that gives away free meals on Wednesdays. We walked down there, and lo and behold, my cousin was the one handing the meals out.”

Before Dominic left that day, his cousin gave him his phone number and told him to call if he ever needed help. Three days later, God spoke to Dominic and said, “You need to make that phone call.” He listened to the voice of the Lord and contacted his cousin, who came to pick him up. After a shower and some clean clothes, his cousin gave him the choice between two recovery centers. That’s when he came to 7 Springs.

“I came in here, and this place saved my life … God saved my life.

Anybody who needs help needs to get here because this is a special place. If I can do this, anybody can. You just have to let the Holy Spirit cleanse you … You’ve got to give it over to the Lord.”

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