Our Mission

Freedom Recovery is a community-based Christ-centered 12-step recovery program designed to introduce people to the concept of FREEDOM and give hope of recovery through Jesus Christ from chemical dependency, codependency, other addictions and distractions in life. We gather together to encourage each other and invite people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are a support group for community members and for treatment centers and other recovery ministries.

We accomplish our mission through:

  • Publishing and distributing recovery materials to individuals, leaders and groups.
  • Providing Christ-centered counseling to those who are hurting.
  • Equipping others to become leaders to effectively help those who are suffering.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help others find their identity in Jesus Christ as their personal savior and friend by engaging them in a spiritual community where it is safe to explore their life through transparency – experiencing the power of unconditional love so they then can find their purpose and destiny as they demonstrate their love for God and His people. Then, their testimony gives hope to the hopeless.


  • Where: Word Alive International Outreach,  Oxford, AL 122 Allendale Rd., 36203
  • When: Dinner begins at 6:15 p.m. with Freedom Recovery starting at 7 p.m. every Friday night

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Finding Your Identity

Realigning with Kingdom Culture


Engaging in Spiritual Community


Exploring Your Purpose & Destiny

  • Demonstrating God’s Gifts
  • Through His Holy Spirit
  • Opening Your Heart
  • to the Poor
Making Jesus Famous

Our Motto: It’s for freedom that Christ set us free (Galatians 5:1).

We believe that true freedom is only available through Jesus, the catalyst of genuine change. One of the main objectives of this program is to help people to heal so that they can in turn help others to heal.

Developing People to Their Fullest Potential

We use the below philosophy of the five C's to help people experience true healing through Christ. This philosophy involves forming relationships by listening to people, fellowshipping with them, caring about them and equipping them. Our desire is to grow leaders from within our program.

Actively Listen
Face-to-Face Time Together, 2-Way Email, Timely Replies to Communications
Be Genuine
Be Real & Transparent, Form Relationships, Promote a Sense of Trust & Belonging
Fellowship, Spend Time with People Individually, Play Together
Inclusive of All
Listen, Respond, Do It, Act On It
Equip, Teach, Train
Freedom Recovery Book Based on 12-Steps (6 Months), Freedom Track (3 months), Ministry Training (3 Months)