We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations made are tax-deductible.

Every Gift Matters

We are a faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to helping rescue broken people from self-defeating lifestyles and move them into their God-given purpose. Your gift will give men and women access to Christ-centered recovery solutions to offer them the second chance they need.

Our residents receive services such as addiction recovery, life-skills training, counseling, job readiness training, and dance and art therapy.

Food for thoughtWomen's Recovery Program
December 22, 2020

Dream Stealers

By: Colonie Hughes, Executive Women’s Program Director / Co-Founder It all starts with a dream.  To dream is to have a cherished aspiration or vision of what you desire in…
General NewsWomen's Recovery Program
December 17, 2020

The Warrior

By: Colonie Hughes, Executive Women’s Program Director / Co-Founder Addicts have a unique gift inside of them: the warrior spirit. Yet, they are at war within themselves fighting to achieve…
MinistryWomen's Recovery Program
December 10, 2020

Dancing My Way Into Recovery and Wholeness

By: Colonie Hughes, Executive Women's Program Director / Co-Founder As someone who struggled with drug addiction for over 10 years having absolutely no dance background, I found my journey to…
General NewsMinistryRecoveryThrift Stores
March 31, 2020

Covid-19 Ministry News & Info Update

Daniel HughesExecutive Director & Founder As we continue to closely monitor the latest news and public health information concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, we are taking the following actions to help…