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Cherish’s addiction began when she was about 12 years old. “That’s what everybody did. Nobody did not do drugs,” she remembers. She grew up around a culture of strip clubs and parties.

In addition to that dysfunctional environment, Cherish regularly got mixed up in bad relationships. Eventually, she was arrested.

With no one to save her, Cherish cried out to the Lord. Within 30 days, she was released to 7 Springs Ministries.

She began a journey of addressing all her “junk on the inside.” A couple of weeks from graduating, she quit the program and relapsed, but found that drugs no longer felt the same in the new life God had given her. However, 7 Springs Ministries continued walking alongside Cherish to help her discover and fulfill her God-given potential.

Be inspired and encouraged by the faithfulness of God by watching as Cherish shares her testimony in her own words…


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