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Luke started using drugs when he was 13. By the time he was 18, he had become a functional addict. Drugs were a part of his daily life, and he was dependent on them.

His addiction led to breaking the law, and he ended up getting sentenced to 26 months in jail. His father passed away while he was locked up, and the pain of the loss turned him back to drugs after he was released.

Luke’s drug problem snowballed as he tried to cope with his emotions. Then in 2018, he fell asleep at the wheel on his way home from work. The car flipped six times, and it took four people to drag his body out from under the wreckage. In spite of this horrific accident, Luke’s only injuries were a broken arm and some scarring. Even so, the incident left him traumatized and depressed. Once again, he turned to drugs, hoping they would ease his pain.

When he realized the drugs were only making things worse, Luke began to press into a relationship with God.

“As He started giving me signs, I realized it was time to give my life to the Lord. When I established a right relationship with God, He started showing up everywhere in my life.”

He found 7 Springs Ministries and asked God to give him a sign that he was moving in the right direction.

“After doing it my way for all those years, I realized it’s not my way; it’s God’s way.”

Once he arrived at 7 Springs, Luke received confirmation after confirmation that he was on the right path.

“All I can say is … build a relationship with God, and he will put everything you need in your life.”

Watch this video to hear Luke’s full testimony:

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