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Meet Vicki Thompson, the program director of our Coastal Rehabilitation Women’s Center (CRWC) in Foley, Alabama. Hear from her about the life transformation taking place at our coastal Alabama campus…

Helping Women Get Back on Track

For about four years now, our Foley campus has been helping women get back on track with their lives. Vicki shares, “We’re a ‘working’ program, and the majority of the women we serve come to us from the Baldwin and Mobile County court systems.”

When a court orders someone to CRWC, it takes a few weeks to get them oriented to a new way of life. “A lot of the women have no ID or social security card, and need help gaining employment,” Vicki notes. She adds that many others still need help detoxing.

The program offers the women three classes a day. In the morning, the classes are centered on Christ. Other classes include Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) gatherings at a nearby church, life skills training, and even parenting classes. Vicki says, “Alabama DHR [Department of Human Resources] works with us as well to help women get a ‘child safety plan,’ renewed custody, and visits with their kids.”

“Seeing the Light Come On Again”

The most beautiful thing about an addict’s recovery journey? “Seeing the light come on again,” Vicki beams. She’s very touched when the women believe “that there is hope and they can do this.”

She’s also moved by the restoration of families. One of the circumstances that can make addicts feel like they’re so far down and can never get back up, she says, is when their families turn their backs on them. “They have so much guilt and shame, and there’s nowhere to turn anymore. So family visits are one of the most beautiful things, too.”

For community members who want to support recovery, Vicki encourages them to give of their resources and time. “Donations of clothes and hygiene items are huge,” she says. The financial support of donors provides CRWC with needed resources to help women recover from life-defeating behaviors. Plus, volunteers help greatly. Volunteering, people in AA sponsoring our ladies, and leading Celebrate Recovery classes, are all ways community members can donate their time.

If you or someone you know would like information about our residential recovery program at the Coastal Rehabilitation Women’s Center in Foley, Alabama, you can visit the “Get Help” section of our website to learn more.


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