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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Alabama is the highest prescribing state in the nation for opioid pain relievers. In fact, there are more of these prescriptions than there are people here! With statistics like this, it’s easy to see why opioid misuse is now an epidemic in our state. At 7 Springs Ministries, we’re grateful that the Lord has positioned us in Alabama to help bring hope, healing and freedom to those fighting this battle.

What Are Opioids?

Also known as narcotics, opioids are prescribed by doctors to treat severe or chronic pain. They are commonly given to patients recovering from surgery or those battling long-term illnesses like cancer. Opioids block pain messages sent from different parts of the body through the spinal cord to the brain. While they are effective at relieving pain, they are also highly addictive. These drugs can trick your brain and body into believing they are necessary for survival.

Prescription opioids include codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, oxymorphone and morphine. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid similar to morphine that can be up to 100 times more potent. It is prescribed by doctors and also produced illegally. Heroin is an opioid derived from morphine that is extremely addictive and illegal.

Pinpointing the Problem

The CDC reports that opioid overdose deaths in the U.S. have steadily been on the rise over the past two decades, with a significant increase in 2020. In 2021, more than 80,000 deaths were attributed to opioid misuse.

In Alabama, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association found that 6.5 percent of their members were on a long-term opioid regimen in 2015, compared to 3.8 percent nationally. By 2016, 16.4 per 1,000 members in Alabama were diagnosed with opioid use disorder, which was double the national statistic.

You Can Experience Freedom

We believe that every person has a God-given purpose and we want to help you discover yours. We offer residential recovery programs designed to help you break free from addiction. Our men’s programs are located in Anniston, Alabama and we have two women’s programs – one in Anniston and one in Foley, Alabama.

Our Approach

At 7 Springs Ministries, we believe that true and lasting freedom from addiction starts with a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our faith-based recovery programs provide a safe and structured environment where individuals can:

  • Heal from the trauma of their past
  • Be empowered to live a positive and healthy lifestyle
  • Maintain sobriety
  • Become productive members of society

Our treatment programs incorporate 12-step recovery classes, relapse prevention, job readiness training, dance therapy, Bible classes, parenting classes and more.

We want to see our beloved Alabama released from the bondage of opioids and other addictive substances. If you want to live a life that’s truly free, we want to help you. Get started on your path to healing by applying to one of our programs today!

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