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By: Colonie Hughes, Executive Women’s Program Director / Co-Founder

Addicts have a unique gift inside of them: the warrior spirit. Yet, they are at war within themselves fighting to achieve their pleasures by whatever means necessary. Not realizing their potential and constantly battling against reality and hiding from pain, they are unaware of their strength to face any trial including the truth hidden within themselves.

Battling Addiction

Addicts live in a real war zone misunderstood by so many, but very seductive. They are addicted to the thrills of euphoria, insane madness, and near-death experiences.

It seems quite fun at first to the addicts bent towards adrenaline rushes and a world without rules. However, as the years go by, the seduction begins to lose its grip and the risks begin to outweigh the rewards. The life of fun is reduced to destruction and meaninglessness.

The addict’s inner-warrior isn’t fully discovered until they experience first-hand the agony of these pursuits and are ready to face the truth.

Friends and family cannot do this for them. As much as they believe for them, addicts must lose the war completely. The battle is within themselves to admit defeat and fully surrender to their addictive lifestyle. This is where the warrior spirit transcends beyond the mental and the physical and rises up within them.

Finding Their Warrior Spirit

Addicts at this point are resilient and hardened from the battle; they are wounded and need time to be restored. They will need strength and the power to continue on this journey. This is the bravest part for the addicts to become warriors.

The inner warrior ready to come to the forefront helps them become brave, present, focused, driven, and full of hope.

Over time, they begin to believe there is something worth fighting for and they dream of another life they once thought was beyond their reach. They are awakened realizing their loyalties have been misplaced and corrupted.

Growing Into Their True Selves

The inner-warrior starts the process of equipping them for their hardest, but most worthy battle. The fight to conquer themselves, and discover their truest self.

Some turn back not ready. Some try to find a detour. But only the strong are willing to press forward to discover who they really are. The inner-warrior guides them on this journey of self. They no longer identify themselves as addicts.

Knowing their worth they laugh without fear of the future (Proverbs 31:25). They suffer violence but now they take it by force (Matthew 11:2). They risk the comforts of their old life in exchange for a new one (2 Corinthians 5:17).

They fight the good fight. They are now a WARRIOR!


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